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  • Weighty inspection machine system

    Weighty inspection machine system

    Integrated with the weight measuring machine on a cantilever frame; The space requirements of the production line are reduced to a minimum, and the installation is effective in the existing workshop.

  • Digital metal detector heavy duty series

    Digital metal detector heavy duty series

    It is suitable for metal detection of full-box or large-package products. Large size, large weight, specially designed to detect the gantry size can be through the common barreled drinking water, the whole box of drinks, large bags of packaged rice food or large size cartons and other large products.

  • Digital metal detector universal model

    Digital metal detector universal model

    It is suitable for metal detection of food products or small packaging products. The specially designed test gantry size can pass common dry products, such as candy, cereal, biscuits, powder, fast food, etc., while ensuring the detection efficiency, it can also effectively detect the metal of the product.

  • Aluminum foil packaging metal detector

    Aluminum foil packaging metal detector

    Super anti-interference ability, the ceiling fan, mobile phone, screwdriver and other iron movement does not alarm. It can carry 20 kg of single items, and the machine runs smoothly without shaking.

  • High performance metal detector

    High performance metal detector

    The automatic phase regulation technology can effectively suppress the product effect; Can detect products with relatively large product effect, such as: frozen food, meat, rice, pickled products, fish pulp, etc.

  • 400 gold inspection machine

    400 gold inspection machine

    Can detect stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead and other common metals; Air blowing type, drop type shunt type, push rod type, dip rod type and other removal methods.


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